Charles Jencks

  • Happy architecture still

    Looking, learning and laughing with Bruce Goff


    In the run-up to a Tate Modern symposium this month, Charles Jencks looks at why US architect Bruce Goff is worth reassessing

  • Technical

    Ultimate architecture: Cern's partical detector


    To celebrate today's success of the 'Big Bang' experiment at Cern, read again Charles Jencks' look at the the world’s most powerful particle detector.

  • Review

    Seeing through modernist spectacles


    With some of the architects’ keenest critics absent, last month’s symposium on Philip Johnson could have been a whitewash. Instead, it proved a thorough investigation with unforgettable contributions

  • Jencks’ Black Hole Terrace, part of his Garden of Cosmic Speculation, in Scotland.

    Inspiration: The hole story


    We now know that black holes are at the centre of all galaxies and it’s now believed that galaxies are held together by black holes, so they are really important. The black hole is not the destroyer as used to be thought, but the creator.

  • Features

    Charles Jencks


    BooksMy reading is often project-directed, and now I am continuing with the Universe Project (to give it a modest title). So Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything is an interesting popular attempt at the genre, while David Christian’s recent Maps of Time, An Introduction to Big History is ...