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  • November's Book club titles for review

    Book Club: November titles up for review


    Titles up for review in November in BD's Book Club take in a broad range of interests from modern Swedish design to portable architecture.

  • The layout of modern Beijing, highlighting some of Arup's major projects in the city

    Arup in Beijing: the lowdown


    Arup's huge influencing in shaping Beijing is detailed here

  • Central Zone Beijing Olympic Green

    Official Beijing buildings book


    Drawings, plans and dramatic photos show how Beijing was constructed in time for the 2008 games

  • Review

    Fat and (un)happy


    Architect and critic Elizabeth Farrelly has used architecture as her jumping off point to explore the connections between our environment and over-consumption.“Welcome to Blubberland, a world of quadruple-garaged mansions, vast malls, gated communities, stretch limos, and posh resorts. Blubberland is a place, but it is also a state of mind: ...

  • Review

    Cocktails and the Endless City


    Publication of The Endless City was marked on Wednesday (12th March) with a discussion between the title’s editors and world city experts. At a cocktail reception at London’s Tate Modern gallery, editors Ricky Burdett, centennial professor of Architecture and Urbanism at the London School of Economics, and Deyan Sudjic, Design ...

  • Gehry’s Stata Center at MIT

    Twisted view


    If gullible clients are being ripped off, this disappointing book fails to explain why, says Catherine Croft

  • Review

    Win a copy of Architecture in Detail


    We have five signed copies of Graham Bizley's collection of detail drawings, Architecture in Detail to give away.

  • Review

    Win a copy of Britain's Lost Cities


    Enter our competition to win a copy of Gavin Stamp's sobering collection of essays on post-war British architecture.

  • News

    The joy of car parks


    FIRST PERSON: Simon Henley, author of a new book on parking architecture, explains his passion IMAGES: Six of the best OPINION: A fascinating account long-overdue COMPETITION: Win a copy of the book

  • Review

    Conscientious objector


    From sandals to sensuality, a new book completes Bernard Rudofsky’s life story

  • Rebel modernists: Alison and Peter Smithson’s Economist building in London, 1964.

    Century in a nutshell


    This thorough, thoughtful and balanced history is a must-read, discovers Thomas Muirhead

  • Jencks: “The last thing I want is a new hegemony.”

    The post man still delivers


    Thirty years after his seminal book on po-mo, Charles Jencks continues to grapple with the world after modernism. As his latest book on the subject is published, he speaks to Ellis Woodman

  • Colin St John Wilson: A “wholly convincing” thesis.

    What is greatness?


    Colin St John Wilson’s new book challenges modernist dogma.

  • A marriage of the tradcitional and the modern — Qiandai property Showroom, Shanghai, 2006, by Atelier Zhang Lei.

    Emerging from the bamboo curtain


    Yung Ho Chang’s book reveals a new Chinese architectural identity, believes Nicholas C Thompson

  • Gamble House in Pasadena, by Greene and Greene, shows the distinctive style of the arts and crafts movement in the US.

    Beauty treatment


    The latest in a long line of books on the arts and crafts movement looks impeccable, but brings little new illumination.