Corporate subscriptions

What is a corporate subscription?
A corporate subscription is a bespoke service for companies that require multiple copies and/or online accounts.

Who is eligible for a corporate subscription?
If you have five or more employees in your company who require a subscription then you are eligible to set up a corporate subscription. The subscription must be managed by one person at your company but copies of the magazine can be sent to different individual addresses within your company.

What is the cost?
Prices are negotiable depending on volume of accounts. There is no extra charge for being managed by our dedicated corporate subscription account managers.

Four key corporate subscription benefits
  • Individual service - you will have a dedicated corporate subscriptions account manager who will manage all your requirements
  • Save time and hassle - if you currently have multiple copies that are paid for separately and expire at different dates, by becoming a corporate subscriber your new and current subscriptions will be synched so that they all expire on one date. And only one invoice will be provided.
  • Competitive rates – as corporate clients you will receive more competitive rates than for individual subscribers
  • Maximising value – our account managers will ensure that each subscription is utilised by your staff fully, for example instructing them how they can make the most of their online access with their print subscription.
How do I sign up?

To find out more about how you and your company can benefit from a corporate subscription or renew a current corporate subscription please contact our corporate subscriptions Sales Executive Ryan Williams on
0151 353 3575
or email on