Brodksy, Markli and Brearley on board

Nikola Lenivets art park South of Moscow

Nikola Lenivets art park South of Moscow where the students will work together

London Met is launching a new unit that will allow diploma students to be taught in London and Moscow.

Students will have the chance to work in a Moscow practice and to study under the likes of Alexander Brodsky, Peter Markli and Mark Brearley.

London Met dean of architecture Robert Mull said it would give students a chance to establish connections in the booming city that could lead to work.

The Moscow school launched last year as part of the British Higher School of Art & Design but the two-year postgraduate course is validated by London Met.

“This is the next phase which will allow London students to have more experience of collaborating with Moscow,” said Mull, adding that it was based on the successful prototype developed wwith the Korean National University of Arts in Seoul.

“Moscow is a very fast-growing, dynamic place so the possibility for students to be part of that is very appealing.”

London Met, Moscow

An image of a student project by Anastasia Vaynberg, who has just completed the first year of our new two year Postgraduate course at MARCH in Moscow

The London Moscow Design Unit will mix the political and the poetic and allow students to visit Moscow as often as they wished, he said.

Students will also have the opportunity to take part in a building workshop at the Nikola Lenivets Art Park south of Moscow where Brodsky and others have built.

The Moscow School is run by Brodsky and Xenia Adjoubei. Markli and Brearley are visiting professors at London Met. The latter is due to become increasingly involved in the Moscow operation, said Mull.

“He’ll be looking at ways the soft urbanism he has pioneered will begin to have an influence in Moscow. He will be involved in the conversation and will be available to students. He’s very excited. Moscow and London both have mayors. It’s a really interesting dialogue.”