Bond Bryan Architects

Bond Bryan Architects has one core-purpose: the creation of a sustainable architecture that enriches human experience and strengthens communities, responding to the needs of each client with imagination and insight.

Suffolk One (Sixth Form Centre)

Local schools worked together to create a new centre for their 16-19 year olds (ultimately a population of over 2000 full time students is anticipated). This facility can provide a level of service and specialist teaching far beyond that which could be maintained in the individual schools and is a real tribute to the imagination of the local authority and teaching professionals in the local area; it takes courage to breakdown barriers and to share resources. The centre not only provides academic studies for A-level courses but also vocational qualifications giving students the maximum opportunity to pursue their personal goals.

People at Bond Bryan are all about supporting the vision of our clients and our specialist educational teams were all deeply inspired by this proposal. It was a real chance to give physical form to an exciting idea, working with a client that thought deeply about how young people learn and the value of social interaction in an educational setting.

The building is arranged around a central atrium containing social facilities and a learning centre for self-directed study. On the north side of the atrium are vocational workshops; on the south side classrooms are clustered around a series of “break-out spaces”. See for yourself...