Monday21 August 2017

Crab Studio complete colourful pavilion for Peru

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Work was part of World Travel Market

Crab Studio has designed a colourful pavilion for the country of Peru, which was exhibited at last week’s World Travel Market at the Excel centre in London.

The World Trade Market was a 4-day event for the travel industry to network and promote various countries and holiday destinations.

Crab Studio, founded by Peter Cook and Gavin Robotham, created the Peru London Pavilion after winning an international competition run by Promperu - Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism.

The design draws inspiration from Peru’s rich and colourful culture, and is constructed from an array of rainbow-coloured plywood units. The painted strips of plywood bend over the seating areas to form pockets of space for business and social interaction, and are lit with environmentally friendly LED strip lights and task spotlights.

Crab Studio told BD: “We took alot of inspiration from Macchu Pichu and local textiles from Peru. We did a large amount of research that translated into the bright colours of the structure. There is alot of symbolism in the project, which is what Promperu liked so much as it demonstrates the country in a very visual way.”


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