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  • It was valuable to have you the other day at the EiP and this is a useful report. People can also follow at JustSpace.org.uk which is a network of community groups trying to maintain a blog. We linked to your article from there.
    The criticism of the focus on small flats has been very strong indeed and the SHMA methodology is weak on this point so change may happen; same for affordability - which comes up on Tuesday 26 Feb

  • Do remember Jack that the old leftists like me may be right and the "broad political issues" may be crucial. SP is simply wrong in her re-writing of history in at least two respects: the pylons were removed and the Chobham Academy launched as outcomes of the Westfield shopping mall, nothing to do with the Olympic Games. Hers is a very biased/emotional kind of language, depicting the pre-Olympic landscape as she does. It was also home to a lot of people, now displaced, the site of a lot of business activity and other activities which people valued.

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    Marshgate Wharf.

    Has the Olympic legacy lived up to its promise?