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  • And I'm sure Taylor Wimpey and the RIBA will be remunerating the 100+ firms involved accordingly.

    Ideas are the basis of our long training and professional worth, why give them away for free?

    Commented on: 2016-11-23T13:52:03.827

    Project 2020 Scheme A

    RIBA unveils 'homes of the future' shortlist

  • @ aussibum

    "@alex wilson
    You obviously have no concept of irony..."

    You obviously have no sense of sarcasm.

    Commented on: 2015-07-15T14:04:09.947

    Walkie talkie tower, 20 Fenchurch Street, Land Securities, Canary Wharf, City

    Carbuncle Cup: Walkie Talkie, City of London

  • If you got rid of some of the larger trees you could fit more concessions in therefore generating more money - seems an obvious solution.

    Come to think of it, couldn't those skateboarders be moved away from the Southbank Centre undercroft and some concessions put in there too?

    Plenty of money to be made!

  • @ Gil Gunderson

    On the contrary, missing the deliberate tongue-in-cheek humour of my post makes you look stupid.


    Commented on: 2014-11-06T15:55:22.080

    Carbuncle Cup

    Call for entries to Carbuncle Cup

  • Some lovely buildings, a worthy group of nominees indeed. Good work.

    Commented on: 2014-07-22T17:55:46.157

    Abode Great Kneighton

    Housing Design Awards: the winners

  • BD wrote:

    "As a reminder, last year’s winner was 465 Caledonian Road in London by Stephen George & Parters..."

    Before (albeit deservedly) criticising others make sure you check your spelling yeah?


    Commented on: 2014-06-06T12:42:49.323

    Carbuncle Cup

    Call for entries to Carbuncle Cup

  • Fiddling while Rome burns?

    Commented on: 2013-09-20T11:00:06.737

    RIBA headquarters, 66 Portland Place

    RIBA to single out ‘distinguished’ architects

  • This article could use a quick rinse through to further tease out the inherent jargon quota minimization drivers.

    Commented on: 2013-09-17T12:27:45.557

    15 steps to a 100 percent jargon free life in architecture

    15 steps to a 100% jargon free life in architecture

  • Amanda,
    Surely some of you ire ought to be directed at your fellow Journo for publishing private correspondence not intended for them?

    Is it not the case that Oldham is a 'victim' as much of a story-hungry press as of an overreaching ARB?

    Or do you lot also open your neighbour's letters the postie might accidentally put through your front door?

    Not that I am condoning or condemning Oldham's linguistic choices but I'm smelling some serious double standards here.

    Commented on: 2013-07-30T17:31:44.447

    ARB logo

    The victims of Arb’s harsh tactics deserve to be heard

  • Sour and bitter hyperbole from Michael Edwards there, who talks in generic terms about broad political issues reeking of proper old school leftist activism. Hints of sexism at the end too. Sowmya Parthasarathy on the other hand makes a rather more convincing argument by talking about specifics of the various developments and the tangible physical (and consequential social) benefits.

    Commented on: 2013-07-22T10:42:22.970

    Marshgate Wharf.

    Has the Olympic legacy lived up to its promise?

  • I've never seen such a collective of twisted knickers over nowt much.


    Commented on: 2013-02-13T12:19:51.763

    Alison Carr ready

    Arb tells Brady: Show us your evidence

  • It was a shame that the Shard visitor management didn't take it upon themselves to clean the glass before the Preview event - it was rather grubby. That and the unfortunate lingering cloud made the views (and photos) less impressive than they ought to have been.

    Still, one shouldn't complain about getting a freebie ticket. I would have been miffed if I'd momentarily misplaced my marbles and shelled out 100 quid for the "instant access" ticket though.

    Commented on: 2013-01-14T12:18:03.497

    The Empire State Building

    Renzo, Richard and the Prince

  • @ Rumpy Pumpy

    The article is hardly "kicking" RMJM, it's just a chronicle of events that have taken place.

    I think your concern for "The 400" ought better be deployed into ire against the appalling top tier management who have allowed such a protracted death thrall to grip a once successful firm.

    As the saying goes, "don't shoot the messenger".

    Commented on: 2012-11-28T08:56:05.763

    Peter Morrison, chief executive of RMJM

    RMJM pays price for receivership

  • The internal shots look fantastic but I'll reserve my judgement on the exterior until I've visited.

    I can see what they've tried to do with the volume of the glass - make it look like she's ploughing through a wave - but I'm not sure I'm convinced it works.

    Commented on: 2012-04-24T09:05:09.263

    The dry berth which allows visitors to walk underneath the hull of the Cutty Sark, which is raised 3.3m into the air.

    Grimshaw Architects completes Cutty Sark renovation

  • Utter aesthetic banality.

    One must assume the budget was about a tenner per unit.

    Tesco Value range.

    Commented on: 2012-03-28T09:28:10.063

    tesco homes

    Tesco completes first homes in London

  • @Tim
    True, but since this is not made clear either way I maintain it is still sloppy wording.

    For example, if he has indeed graduated from an undergraduate BA but is not enrolled in a 'year out' course then he is not a 'university student'.

    I do enjoy a good bit of Friday pedantry, get it out of the system before the weekend.

    Commented on: 2012-03-02T09:54:38.103

    The Concrete Orchard by Jacob Szikora

    University student plans Sheffield coconut grove

  • The title of the article is wrong.

    He is not a student, he has graduated and is working, as you say in the main body of text.


    Commented on: 2012-03-02T09:29:53.750

    The Concrete Orchard by Jacob Szikora

    University student plans Sheffield coconut grove

  • This looks like a meeting desk not a work desk.. I call a bluff!

    Incidentally, how much did you pay for "your" AA masters student? Did you buy It from the Triangle bookshop? (RIP)

  • "Plans to build a €300 billion (£264 billion) man-made mountain almost twice the height of Snowdon in the Duch flatlands appear to be gathering pace."

    "To complete the project will take up to 30 years and between €50 million and €300 million, he said."

    Million or billion?? Big difference Mark...