• Postal museum courtyard
    Building Studies

    The Postal Museum by Feilden Clegg Bradley


    Feilden Clegg Bradley’s quiet restoration and intelligent extension of a former post office at London’s gargantuan Mount Pleasant sorting office betrays little of the astonishing visitor attraction below

  • The Sackler Courtyard
    Building Studies

    V&A Exhibition Road Quarter, London by AL_A


    Amanda Levete’s £48m expansion of London’s V A connects the museum with the public realm through a superb porcelain-paved courtyard. But it’s the sheer immersive power of its vast subterranean exhibition hall that will make visitors stand and gawp

  • The bridge between the main extension and the existing gallery spans a new pedestrian route
    Building Studies

    Musee D’Arts, Nantes by Stanton Williams


    Stanton Williams set out to reinvent the Breton city’s beaux-art palais as an open, welcoming institution while complementing the spectacular (not to say elitist) architecture. It’s a neat trick to pull off. Ike Ijeh finds out if it succeeded

  • Serpentine Pavilion 2017, designed by Francis Kéré
    Building Studies

    The verdict: Diébédo Francis Kéré's Serpentine Pavilion


    This simple structure is laced with countless stories of inclusivity which speak to a London in grief, finds Ike Ijeh

  • Storyhouse
    Building Studies

    The Storyhouse, Chester by Bennetts Associates


    The Storyhouse in Chester is a daring construction of opposites, with a theatre, cinema and library brought together in a space that combines new-build and the spirit of the orginal 1930s picture house. Ike Ijeh reports on how the building energetically opens up storytelling to the local community

  • Berlin concert hall
    Building Studies

    Pierre Boulez Saal, Berlin by Gehry Partners


    Frank Gehry’s £28.5m Berlin concert hall is an unusual building for this celebrated creator of the unusual. Ike Ijeh finds that through its sharp contradictions of age, shape and material, it achieves a kind of peace

  • Entrance
    Building Studies

    Bush Theatre, London by Haworth Tompkins


    In its renovation of west London’s Bush Theatre, Haworth Tompkins was asked to make the building and the theatre it contains accessible and approachable to all the local community. The result, says Ike Ijeh, is full of twists and turns

  • Street detail
    Building Studies

    Live Works, Newcastle by Flanagan Lawrence


    Live Theatre has ventured into the high-stakes world of property development to enable it to plough the profits back into making plays. Ike Ijeh takes a look around Live Works, the theatre’s £10m office project, to see how the building fits into Newcastle’s historic Quayside

  • OMA Caen library
    Building Studies

    Bibliothèque Alexis de Tocqueville, Caen by OMA


    With its regular glazed facades and cruciform shape, the northern French city’s new library  is surprisingly understated for an OMA project. But as you would expect from the Dutch practice, there are some clever architectural manoeuvres at play – as Ike Ijeh finds out

  • Hamburg Elbphilharmonie
    Building Studies

    Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg by Herzog & de Meuron


    Hamburg wanted the Elbphilharmonie to be an instantly discernible architectural symbol to lift the city’s prestige but got a faceless glass block sitting on top of a brick one. Yet in its theatrically wavy rooftop, Herzog de Meuron has brilliantly conjured up an emblematic national icon - just ...