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  • Re that last image... The Economist group anyone?

    Commented on: 2011-07-12T15:56:59.610

    Allies & Morrison, Nine Elms

    Allies & Morrison submits Nine Elms plans

  • Some very valid comments. I do think that we need to ensure that the public, and by extension those in power, understand that a good 'Architect' can and does provide so much more than exterior wallpaper by working with the clients interrogating and refining the brief.

    Commented on: 2011-06-24T16:25:25.320

    Ruth Reed

    Government tells RIBA: 'There are too many architects'

  • I think it's pretty clear that 'nats' has never been in or around an architects office during a BSF bid process. The amount of waste of time, money and talent in the bids is quite staggering and, even when a practice was on the winning team bid they could find the LEP commissioning others for later schools, leaving little profit or even a loss.

    Commented on: 2011-06-21T10:33:02.170

    Kevin Brennan

    Labour slams BSF spending claims in row over figures

  • Looking at the Museum's website and I have to wonder what the purpose of this place is. After the hype dies down it will, at very best, be competing for the same visitors as the City Museum and reducing it’s revenue. Opening with an exhibition of Martin Parr, a photographer whose work largely revolves around making fun of those who don’t share his middle class world view, is symptomatic of the disconnect between curators/cognoscenti and those who need to be buying overpriced sandwiches and pencil sharpeners in these places.

    Commented on: 2011-06-16T11:16:41.390

    M-Shed, Museum of Bristol, Bristol.

    Museum sheds light

  • Publicity stunt by a strapped developer who wants to sell the building?

    Commented on: 2011-05-06T11:41:33.437

    The Egyptian Halls, Glasgow

    Greek Thomson masterpiece under threat of demolition

  • The one unasked quesion here is what the hell use is a classical architecture derived for mediterranean climates in Britain anyway? To build in a Greek or Roman style here is and always has been every bit as arrogant, conceited, rootless, and dogmatically style based as anyhting Zaha does and certainly has no relationship to place here in the UK.

    So often classical colonnades and such provide dismal, drab and unpleasant environments around buildings as any other style. If you really want to see the logcial conclusion of this argument as applied to modern requitements visit Bofil's Espaces d'Abraxas on a dull day...

    Commented on: 2011-04-15T11:17:38.020

    Roger Scruton

    Philosopher mauls 'starchitects'

  • What.

    Surely not...

    I thought it was still March, but clearly April 1st has been and gone, while I was sleeping.

    Commented on: 2011-03-16T11:46:22.260

    Southwark Street rocket tower with Chocolate Factory

    Gagarin tower prepares for lift off in Southwark

  • Wow, look at all that foliage. Looks like the developer REALLY doesn't want the Architecture to be seen.

    Commented on: 2011-03-08T11:30:52.027

    Foster & Partners' masterplan for Ruskin Square in Croydon

    Foster & Partners' Ruskin Square goes to planning

  • maybe because we all liked The Smiths at Uni?

    "I wear black on the outside,
    because black is how I feel on the inside..."

    Commented on: 2010-11-04T13:26:29.807

    Le Corbusier, architects-in-glasses pioneer

    How to dress like an architect