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  • The government should condition that these flats cannot be marketed abroad to investors, only to individuals in the uk and see how the developer reacts to that.

    Commented on: 2014-09-27T06:57:45.173

    Squire & Partners' Shell Centre masterplan

    Developer baffled by Pickles’ Shell Centre decision

  • Yes learned he could make a lot more money!

  • yes the council should charge the cost of the rental for a potential family that could live there, that they have to face due to lack of affordable rents.

    Or perhaps the vacancy rate is the actual rate for affordable homes that should be on new sites.

    Commented on: 2014-06-20T11:50:27.980

    Foster & Partners' City Road

    London council frets over empty towers

  • In the past architects could start their own practices by winning a competition. This possibility needs to be brought back to get actual competition in the competition. Too many old 'starchitects' are preventing newcomers. Its meant to be about design not the size of your PI.

    Commented on: 2014-06-23T09:08:24.673

    RIBA headquarters, 66 Portland Place

    We need to reform competitions, says RIBA

  • The headline detracts from the actual content of the article. A dictatorial mayor does not help the planning process which is meant to be democratic. It is pretty contradictory to build so many more residential towers given the number that have been knocked down and in private developments 33 per cent are empty.

  • It doesn't matter where this is for, the fact is they are too small still. I suppose the government is too scared to make these standards mandatory as it would mean much of the uk housing stock is either substandard or 1 bed flats!

    Commented on: 2014-09-22T17:42:47.910

    Duggan Morris, Avanti and Mae's Tybalds Estate

    London's space standards to be rolled out across UK

  • They are still tiny, and not long term liveable solutions. They do not bring the uk in line with Europe. How can a third person live in a room 2.15 wide. 11.5 m sq is a tiny double bedroom and I defy anyone to say it in not. These should be NIA areas.

    Commented on: 2014-09-19T10:39:57.047

    Julia Park, head of research at Levitt Bernstein

    What the housing standards review means for architects

  • why not put it in a city up north to attract tourists there and bring money in to a different city. london has enough tourist attractions plus we are in austere times and cant afford schools and libraries and teachers. No wonder students dont finish school with useful educations to companies when the money to teach them is wasted on bridges and cable cars.

    Commented on: 2014-11-17T13:16:44.323

    Heatherwick Studio and Arup's garden bridge

    Garden Bridge attacked as ‘luvvies' folly’

  • I agree with Angela, if you are a profession you have ethics. It's clear from this debate that it's not. Why can you just pick and choose your ethics.

    Commented on: 2014-11-24T21:07:45.497

    A history of division and conflict: The Old City of Jerusalem, including the Dome of the Rock, seen through coils of razor wire.

    RIBA looking 'amateurish' on Israel, warns councillor

  • Yes lots of you architects are going over to work for developers as architects don't offer any sort of benefits even if you have a permanent contract. Until architects smarten up and decide if they are a profession or not and campaign to streamline education and proper protection of function they will remain a dying breed. Too many are guilty of putting their heads in the sand over wages, training and professionalism that' we are in dire need of to improve.

  • Any one who thinks this is not the developers design ultimately is frankly naive.

  • Well as above but it is a disgusting waste of taxpayer money given Cameron's austerity cuts proposed. Tfl and the treasury will end up funding most of it.

    Commented on: 2014-12-15T22:20:56.633

    Heatherwick and Arup's Garden Bridge

    Boris to rule on Garden Bridge this week

  • “the greatest contribution to the evolution of architecture in the past year”.
    As an architect this makes me sad to hear that this is somehow the best that was come up with. How is anyone surprised that there is no interest in the Sterling prize outside of some architects.

  • Ziggy, If this level of thought, detail, and refinement is the average then architecture is in good health. Congrats to AHMM - raising the bar.

    Commented on: 2015-10-16T07:50:18.650

    Burntwood School by AHMM

    AHMM wins Stirling Prize

  • Congratulations to AHMM!

  • There may be a kernel of truth underneath the spurious analysis and leaps of imagination described above but the best lesson to be learnt from this pointless piece is to remove the chip from your shoulder and get on with it. No one cares what school or university you went to if you are good at what you do.

  • If there is a billionaire backer why couldn't they stump up the 'four figure sum'?!

    Commented on: 2016-01-26T17:39:39.190

    Blossom Street thumb

    Rival Blossom Street architect hits back at British Land

  • Montcalm Hotel, City Road by Squire and Partners.

    Commented on: 2016-06-16T08:55:32.627

    Carbuncle Cup

    Carbuncle Cup 2016: Call for nominations

  • At least it would block the view of Blackfriars Station...
    Why can't a bridge just be a bridge?

    Commented on: 2016-06-16T08:38:32.890

    Allies and Morrison's proposal for a garden on Blackfriars Bridge

    Allies & Morrison proposes cut-price Garden Bridge

  • Olympic legacy should fulfill its quantity of affordable home it should have built before building these expensive buildings rather than making another area for the elite.