• 17_©Arup_Giorgio Giunta

    Technical Study: The world's first 3D-printed house, by CLS Architetti


    3D printing is fast breaking down conventional barriers in engineering and architecture and changing the way the industry operates

  • Brains

    AI: Are the machines coming for your job?


    From drones that do site inspections, to exoskeletons that save construction workers from back injury, to algorithms that crunch building codes to churn out thousands of design variants, artificial intelligence is ushering in a fourth revolution in construction

  • Construction

    Behind the scenes at the V&A Dundee


    Realising Kengo Kuma’s extraordinarily complex design for the V A’s outpost in Dundee would not have been possible without sophisticated modelling tools and precision construction techniques.

  • Neasden-Temple

    The rebirth of the age of ornament


    A Boston restoration project using advanced 3D-modelling and printing technologies could hold the key to a new age of decoration within contemporary design

  • Citizen M Tower of London axometric diagram

    Manufacturing the future


    Architects shouldn’t be frightened off by Mark Farmer’s calls for modern methods of construction - they should see it a new opportunity for creativity

  • ThomsonAdsett concept home

    Smart floors: Step-by-step care


    Sensor technology embedded in floors could be about to revolutionise patient monitoring in elderly care and dementia homes

  • Virtual reality headset

    Virtual reality: A whole new world


    Convincing virtual reality used to be the stuff of science fiction but now the technology is catching up. With Oculus Rift and PlayStation releasing home devices, VR is finally going mainstream. Could it be a useful tool for architects?

  • holycross

    Holy Cross School by Cullinan Studio


    Cullinan Studio’s prefabricated school in Swindon extracts spatial and architectural delight from a lean, compact template and answers today’s challenge of how we can build more schools for less money, while maintaining design quality. Ike Ijeh takes a look

  • lift

    Horizontal lifts: A sideways move


    ThyssenKrupp has come up with a lift that not only functions without cables but is also able to move horizontally as well as vertically. So what, asks Ike Ijeh, might this mean for the future of building design?

  • 3d printed glass

    3D-printed glass: Print me off another Shard


    Glass has resisted the technological advancements in 3D printing, but now a team from MIT has invented a technique for printing fully transparent glass. The breakthrough, says Ike Ijeh, could revolutionise the way we make windows, cladding and even full facade systems

  • additive manufacturing

    Could you 3D print your building components?


    New developments in additive manufacturing are being used to make real building components that are lighter, more cost effective and structurally just as strong as their counterparts, but use 75% less material

  • Massing options for the East India Dock residential project in Tower Hamlets

    BIM: Early adopters


    Ramboll has developed an early stage modelling process that combines the qualitative capabilities of parametric design with BIM’s algorithmic, analytical strengths. Ike Ijeh wonders where this leaves designers

  • Rcka

    Can BIM put architects back in control of projects?


    Amanda Birch looks at how a widespread roll-out of BIM could offer architects the chance of a more central role on projects

  • COD____Alamy

    And the Oscar for best architect goes to...


    Ike Ijeh on how Academy Award-winning special effects software is being combined with BIM to give architects mind-bending simulation capacity

  • Technical

    'Moving' buildings become a reality with telematics


    Telematics is the art and science of transforming facades with moving images. Elaine Knutt looks into a future world in which buildings communicate and respond to their environments