wa100 2013

How to get the World Architecture 100 2013

27 December 2012 | Updated: 4 January 2013

How to get your hands on a copy of the world’s only international architect rankings and find out who’s made it to number one in 2013

Abuja, Nigeria.

Building the road to recovery

18 December 2012

Prospects of a genuine upturn in Europe may still be remote, but architects around the world are feeling distinctly more confident than they were this time last year

Amanda Baillieu

Prepare for a challenging trip

18 December 2012

Like seasoned backpackers, the practices that succeed in beating a path through the global market must be flexible, surefooted and keep an ear to the ground

Fletcher Rae, medical factory in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Nigeria: business is booming

18 December 2012

A surging population and growth industries require more buildings

Sidell Gibson’s Medina Tower

Libya: calm after the storm

18 December 2012

Western architects are beginning to return to work after the disruption caused by the recent civil war

Hill International is project manager on the Al Anbar stadium in Al Anbar, Iraq.

Iraq: tough challenge

18 December 2012

Building is booming but delivering projects is difficult and dangerous

Broadway Malyan’s Celebration Square

India: compete to succeed

18 December 2012

Work in India can be frustrating and fee levels are competitive, but construction is growing fast

Cox Architecture’s Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum

Australia: adapt for opportunity

18 December 2012

Despite a two-speed economy, opportunities are there for firms willing to adapt to local conditions

Cooperation Station

We’re all in this together

18 December 2012

As projects become ever larger, it becomes increasingly important to choose team partners carefully

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