We're helping to build a Greener world...

The environment, and our impact on it, is of vital importance to us all. But there’s more to sustainability than just being green.

Phil Randles
Managing Director, Kawneer UK Ltd
While striving for environmental excellence, at Kawneer we also use our values to build financial success and meet our social responsibilities, delivering long-term benefits to our people, customers, suppliers and our local communities. As part of Alcoa, one of the world’s leading producers and managers of aluminium, that philosophy is implemented on a global scale.

About us

Kawneer UK Ltd is one of the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of architectural aluminium systems, offering single source responsibility for the design, fabrication and finishing of high quality Ground Floor Treatment, Curtain Wall and Window systems, enabling us to meet the high standards of quality we set ourselves based on the requirements of ISO 9001.

Kawneer is part of Alcoa Building and Construction Systems and our global design expertise, combined with aluminium's flexibility and recyclability, makes our building systems and products the right solutions for today and tomorrow.

High performance is an essential ingredient for all building components nowadays - it is demanded by users and required by current building regulations. Throughout our history we have kept ahead of both the market and regulatory requirements to offer glazing solutions that surpass even the most demanding specifications, and our products meet or exceed all required standards of thermal performance.

Kawneer offers the world's greatest pool of talent in architectural glazing systems, and we can design custom solutions that will help you to realise your most daring concepts. So don't compromise - by working with Kawneer you can achieve a solution to your most challenging architectural concept.