Tuesday02 September 2014

Career Doctor

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Architect Matthew Turner of buildingonarchitecture.com has worked at a range of offices as well as being a client adviser, project manager and competition juror.

Matthew Turner

Dear Matthew: Should I teach?

2 September 2014

BD’s career doctor on the benefits and strains of combining practice and academia

Matthew Turner

Dear Matthew: My boss is really hard work

22 August 2014

BD’s career doctor on how to deal with a tricky higher-up

Matthew Turner

Dear Matthew: How do I succeed in a job interview?

31 July 2014

BD’s career doctor advises a nervous candidate how not to fluff his lines

Matthew Turner

Dear Matthew: Imitation - flattery or theft?

11 July 2014

BD’s career doctor advises an architect who feels her work has been stolen by a former employer

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