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Pierre JorDaaN

Pierre JorDaaN


RIBA Architect in Dorset - Specialising in a wide range of services as a rural practise. Also registered in South Africa.

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  • Comment on: Prince keeping close eye on new barracks design

    Pierre JorDaaN's comment | 28 May 2010 11:51 am

    In this day and age to report that "schemes are drawn up" is really a gross misunderstanding of the professional service which architects, as designers and shapers of built form and urban fabric and space, provide. The design process in the 21st century is all about that - DESIGN ...

  • Comment on: Prince book renews attack on profession

    Pierre JorDaaN's comment | 16 September 2010 3:45 pm

    'The book' is adorned with a picture of Poundbury Village Store. If you've been past Poundbury you will recognise it as a desolate wasteland - a bit like Venturi's Las Vegas 'strip' - a fab facade but in this case devoid of any street action.

    No people - only manicured frontages and tarmac - a bit like mini versions of the palace. (Was the photo staged - they must have brought in some cars and people!) Also like the palace real people and what they get up to in their daily lives is relegated to the back door. At Poundbury cars and people disappear into the utility spaces behind the houses. Poundbury takes the lead in unsustainable building - whoever lived in a sustainable environment where the road is only used to get from a to b!

    And finally, if we could find all the stone and cob and what not to build from, in the space available these days, once you have put up the thick walls you end up with 1,5x1,5 square rooms!

  • Comment on: RIBA facing questions over 9/11 conspiracy theorist's Portland Place lecture

    Pierre JorDaaN's comment | 20 June 2011 4:33 pm

    indignation / outrage - so this article is not clear what tonight's event is about! Just some more sensational editorial from bd ... ? Take the money and run RIBA. And who will be on the censorship committe .. ? Talk about a whole load of hot air.

  • Comment on: First photo of Kevin McCloud's Swindon scheme released

    Pierre JorDaaN's comment | 5 July 2011 1:34 pm

    A gabion at the front door - now whose idea of a gimmick is that ...... deary me ...

  • Comment on: First photo of Kevin McCloud's Swindon scheme released

    Pierre JorDaaN's comment | 5 July 2011 2:04 pm

    Most people go out and buy a nice big flat screen TV - I've scrutinised all the plan layouts and I'm having a bit of trouble seeing where they will be putting all these televisions. The beige on beige on beige look is a transient fad (70's retro), and I look forward to the day they paint them different colours - we can start with the colours on pg 9 of the brochure! There's nothing interesting or innovative here. When it came to the crunch they left out the solar panels. What does this tell us? 100% wool carpets - you have to add something else to get any kind of reasonable wear or life out of a fitted carpet - and they are generally unhealthy. .... oakus pocus. It's just a victorian semi tarted up in beige. Send me the pics of people using the triangle 'island' and I'll believe you. This is just another housing scheme with a name tag attached.

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