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  • Comment on: Strata tower wins 2010 Carbuncle Cup

    jamesup's comment | 12 August 2010 1:15 pm

    BD would seem to have had a bee in their bonnet about Strata since it was planned, but your write up today plays fast and easy with the facts; let alone the subjective aspects of taste.

    The fact is that it is part of a planned cluster - the miracle is that one developer actually got on and did something while Southwark prevaricated. It's got the 22 floor Draper House next door, Rodgers 40 odd floor '360' will be going up across the road (with a bit of luck) and the 14 floor Hannibal house on the shopping centre was to make way for two similarly lofty buildings. Eileen house, to the north, will also be making its mark, and we're only minutes away from the Shard and Guys. Boris's fiddling with the sight lines might make this stand out more than planned, but you can't blame the architects for that.

    It takes a bit of an imaginative leap to see the building in its future context, rather than the rather grimy present, but that shouldn't be beyond anyone that reads this site. Contextual unsuitability? This is one plot where being in keeping with the immediate surroundings was exactly what not to do, seeing as they are all broadly despised and due to be demolished.

    Ah, but of course, you didn't think to mention any of these aspects in your write up.

    I, and I suspect the other 500 odd residents, would beg to differ that there was no need for the creation of a 147m-tall tower here. We all think it's rather super.

    Oh, and lay-off the elephant; it's awesome. Us new residents are all very excited to be here and join in making it even better.

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