Friday18 August 2017

Building Villa Savoye

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Intrepid Lego fan Fred Brinton, 27,  took up the challenge of building Villa Savoye









When I was first asked if I wanted to give it a go, I thought ‘it’s only Lego, how hard can it be?’ Only then did I pick up the rather daunting instruction booklet, heavy enough to knock someone out with.

It  turned out that the reason it’s so thick  is because it includes a page for almost individual piece placement. Despite it being quite a complicated kit, I felt the instructions were a little too detailed for me. Having said that, it probably means a brighter-than-average monkey might stand a chance at recreating Le Corbusier’s famous building.

In total, it probably took me about 1.5-2hrs to complete, over three sittings. I’d have been happy to do it all in one sitting .

It was very satisfying to do – quite an interesting process, eliciting the same sorts of feelings I remember from building Lego figures of robots and dinosaurs when I was little.

I imagine if I was more architecturally  informed, I would have found it even more satisfying to build. I liked the bits of commentary in the instruction booklet, in particular at the end of it where it talks about the difficulties the Lego engineers had in translating each of the building features into Lego pieces – especially that the upright pillars were Lego Starwars lightsabres!

No tricky parts really, since the instructions were so detailed, though the misplacement of a single piece somewhere along the way would have caused real problems finishing it since it is so complex.

Having said that….there were three particularly small pieces of Lego left over afterwards, which I assumed were extra pieces since they were so tiny, but might have been something I missed…

All in all, good fun, though I doubt a child would enjoy it much (unless it had the optional features of laser cannons and a shark-infested moat)


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  • The Guardian does an excellent summary of major events in Lego animations.

    Perhaps BD could pursue this excellent idea and use the Lego Architecture series as the inspiration for stop-go animated recreations of major moments in architecture, such as the Naomi Cambell briefing meeting at ZHA, or the wobble on the millenium bridge?

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  • Hi Charles,
    This is an excellent idea. I wish we had the resource...
    Anna Winston
    Online editor

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