Tuesday29 July 2014

BD Cycle Safety Campaign - top five bikes for architects

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As part of the BD McGee Cycle Safety Campaign, we asked independent bike shop OnYourBike to reveal the top bikes they recommend for architects

Brompton Folding Bike – as ridden by Glenn Howells!

Brompton is the iconic folding bike brand. A UK manufacturing success story, the Brompton is sold in over 30 countries worldwide. The Brompton was conceived as a product that increases people’s independence and freedom, and this concept is still at the heart of everything they do - bikes that customers can rely on wherever and whenever they use them.

Bikes start at £700 and allow the customer to customise the bike in a hug variety of ways – from colour, gearing and handlebar shape through to luggage, tyre and lighting options.


Trek Project One Domane and Madone

2013 Trek Domanes and Madones have just been released. The new Madone comes with cutting edge Kammtail Virtual Foil design on the tubes designed to save power and make the bike faster. Due to be ridden at this year’s Tour De France, the bikes are available through Trek’s Project One scheme allowing the customer to choose the paint scheme and components (electronic gear shifting anyone?) to create a truly original one off design. Prices start from £1000 with the sky being the limit.


Trek District – Belt Drive

Utilising a Gates carbon belt drive (as used on Harley Davidson motorbikes) instead of a chain, the Trek District is a great looking, minimalist, single speed bike ideal for city commuting. Low maintenance and clean trouser legs all in one! £700


Cannondale Badboy

The Cannondale Badboy pioneered the urban stealth bike philosophy. Coupled with outstanding, unique design features such as single-sided forks and System Integration, the Badboy was the bike that many manufacturers tried to copy. Prices range from £600 to £1200


Whyte 146X

1 by 10 is the new trail bench mark. Featuring an 11-36 10-speed rear cassette and a single chain ring with a light weight chain device, this full suspension bike has all the trail taming attributes needed to slay a local DH trail or the steepest of trail centre runs - then pop up the block and spin you back up to the top. The ultimate technology laden mountain bike – it doesn’t get more modern and up to date than this (well for now anyway!)



Readers' comments (11)

  • Freddie Ridley-Hampton

    I say! Bikes are comming back in a big way, what ho! Some of these have too many gears for my liking mind! Dman lucky that us architects can afford a 4999 price tag too. Bring-ring, Toodle pip!

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  • On Your Bike appear to have severely misjudged the salaries of architects....

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  • Sebastian Cuff

    Quite right FRH, too many gears on many of these. I like to be able to fold up my Brompton and put it in the back of the Bentley. Makes the whole driving experience more eco-friendly if you have a folding bike in the boot, even if you don.'t use it.

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  • i recommend the bike that this person rides: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqYgAX6D43Q

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  • Why did you ask a bike shop when cyclist architects are ten-a-penny? Or did OYB put some cash in the kitty?! This is a shocking selection.

    The omnipresent and flexy Brompton, still dining out on it's natty design with rubbish parts for top money. "As ridden by Glenn Howells"? So what?!

    Trek Madone - for would-be roadie architects. Performance thoroughbred in race livery... just watch out for those potholes!

    Trek district - all the clean, minimal elegance of a fixed wheel but without any of the clean, minimal elegance!

    Cannondale Badboy - great bikes, fair enough. A bit overkill for my taste though.

    Whyte 146x - seriously? Most mountain bikers wouldn't do these justice. How does this relate at all to architects? Hang on, does Glenn Howells have one?!

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  • Alisa Selezneva

    not being able to cycle makes me feel like a leper. are there any three-wheel options?...

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  • Ah yes, bicycles for Architects, about all we can afford!

    Unlike our clients, the interior designers whose work we have to fix, and so on.

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  • I bought a Brompton 6 speed on ebay two years ago for £350. Wonderful bike, beautifully designed, I find the 6 speed Brompton is as fast as my old 24 speed Specialized Hybrid.
    Getting the C bag which fits on the front of the bike rather than a shoulder bag, is lovely.... and of course a piece of English design and manufacture!

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  • Theres one special bike missing from your list I am afraid, the Moulton Bicycle, ridden by Mr Foster and IS a Dyson icon

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  • Yet again the media peddling (or pedalling) nonsensical "minimalism" - this time in the form of bikes with no mudguards during the wettest year on record.

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