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Every week BD scours the archives for famous faces in the springtime of their youth (and in some cases with a full head of hair), for a little taste of what life was like way back when.

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Glasgow School of Art 1996. Are you in this photo? If so, email Ellis.Woodman@ubm.com

Glasgow School of Art 1996: Facing up to the future

7 March 2014

Students at the Mac line up for the camera


30 years ago this week: 'The turning point has come for Future Systems'

27 January 2014

Every week, BD looks back into the archive to uncover the top stories and asks if much has changed in the 40 years we’ve been writing about architecture.

George Ferguson, RIBA president 2003–2005

Ten years ago this week: 'Fergie to the rescue in bar brawl'

13 January 2014

In the first of our new archive series, we look back to one of the top stories from the first issue of 2004 which also happens to be one of the current BD team’s favourite ever stories about a RIBA president

Royal Shakespeare Theatre by Elizabeth Scott, 1927-32 - BD Archive 1984

Recognition at last

6 January 2014

BD looks back to a review of one of the first RIBA exhibitions dedicated to women in architecture in 1984. Has much changed in 30 years?

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Vuoksenniska Church 1958 — part of the Imatra eight community riverside township.

Aalto Ego

23 December 2013

In the last of this year’s archive series of articles from 40 years ago, BD looks to Finland to find out why Alvar Aalto remained unique in his focus on his home country and deprived the rest of the world the benefit of his humanist touch

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Kisho Kurokawa

Kisho Kurokawa: utopian thinking

18 December 2013

In the third installment of a new archive series, BD looks back at a 1973 interview with the Japanese master architect

Dieter Rams, 1973

Dieter Rams: "Design should not be just a nice packaging"

10 December 2013

In the second of our archive specials from 1973, BD interviews Dieter Rams, chief designer of Braun AG Frankfurt and one of the most influtential industrial designers ever

Richard Sennett and Joseph Rykwert, 2001

A black Eye for London’s skyline

3 February 2014

Richard Sennett and Joseph Rykwert discuss the seduction of place in 2001

Portland Place

20 years ago this week: 'The right time to recreate our profession'

20 January 2014

Every week, BD looks back into the archive to uncover the top stories and ask if much has changed in the 40 years we’ve been writing about architecture.

RIBA headquarters, 66 Portland Place

How to PROmote the right image

7 January 2014

In this article from 1974, a youthfully idealistic Owen Luder has some suggestions for the RIBA on how to galvanise its membership into improving the public image of architecture. Not much has changed in 40 years.

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Peter Cook, BD archive 2004

Cavaliers and Roundheads - a look back at 2004 in architecture

2 January 2014

David Adjaye, Will Alsop, Graham Morrison, Stuart Lipton and Peter Cook give their takes on the architectural scene in this archive feature from BD

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Top image: The A344 was built in 1968 immediately beside the ancient stones. Bottom: Ted Cullinan's proposal to remove the road.

End of the road

20 December 2013

A look back at Ted Cullinan’s proposal to remove the A344

Gavin Stamp in 1989

Stamp of approval

13 December 2013

In the week that we review Gavin Stamp’s latest book, we look back to an appearance that the author made at the RIBA’s headquarters in 1989.

Prince Charles

Piling it on

6 December 2013

Prince Charles sets the record straight on his architectural gurus, back in 1987

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