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Andrew Waugh

Andrew Waugh: 'These are exciting important times for London'

19 March 2014

Andrew Waugh on the capital, Milton Keynes and English parish churches

Lee Polisano of PLP Architecture

Lee Polisano: ‘I’m a frustrated Formula 1 driver’

13 March 2014

PLP Architecture’s president on working relationships, regrets and Gerald Ronson

Fiona Scott

Fiona Scott: ‘I’ve learnt to dream of sunshine, light and air’

6 March 2014

The Gort Scott partner on the Barbican, brutalism and bygone London

Ben van Berkel

Ben van Berkel: ‘Let’s make buildings intelligent’

20 February 2014

The co-founder of UNStudio on inspiring tutors and his love for Amsterdam

Dominic Papa

Dominic Papa: 'The best project is yet to come'

13 February 2014

The co-director of S333 Architecture on his love for Mexico City and why we don’t need a ‘Jamie Oliver of architecture’

Simon Gill

Simon Gill: ‘Planning officers should visit Barcelona’

10 February 2014

What got you started?

Richard MacCormac: ‘Think before you leap’

23 January 2014

The founder of MJP Architects on inspirational tutors, Joseph Conrad and the influence of his mother

Piers Gough

Piers Gough: 'I'd bring in royalties for architects'

16 January 2014

The CZWG partner on cities, children and a sense of the ridiculous

Yeoryia Manolopoulou

Yeoryia Manolopoulou: 'I’d like to be more selfish’

12 December 2013

The founding partner of AY Architects on Le Corbusier, Lacaton & Vassal and spoiled sabbaticals

Mary Duggan, director at Duggan Morris Architects

Mary Duggan: ‘You have to be up for a fight’

5 December 2013

The Duggan Morris director on Kahn, knitwear and being the client

Michael Casey

Michael Casey: ‘It must be a genetic condition’

21 November 2013

The founding partner of Caseyfierro Architects on den-building, London and fourth generation architects

Gianni Botsford

Gianni Botsford: ‘I would have drawing lessons for all’

14 November 2013

The director of Gianni Botsford Architects on

keith williams

Keith Williams: ‘I am a frustrated polymath’

7 November 2013

The director of Keith Williams Architects tells us about his architectural idols, his best projects and why London is his favourite city.

Niall McLaughlin

Niall McLaughlin: ‘I’m too willing to please’

31 October 2013

The director of Niall McLaughlin Architects on Frank Lloyd Wright, New York and not looking back

Geoff Shearcroft of AOC Architecture

Geoff Shearcroft: 'I'm fortunate to have seen my buildings misused'

24 October 2013

The AOC director on his influences and, cryptically, his love of Back to the Future

Adam Khan

Adam Khan: ‘I would introduce anarchy in the UK’

17 October 2013

The director of Adam Khan Architects on teenage train rides, Lina Bo Bardi and playing the piano all morning

Hugh Petter

Hugh Petter: ‘Bach helps loosen up my mind’

10 October 2013

The Adam Architecture director on Rome, Sir Edwin Lutyens and Deconstructivism

Biba Dow

Biba Dow: ‘I’m a frustrated dress-maker’

3 October 2013

The Dow Jones partner on Eric Parry, Rome and a love of swimming

Tim Makower

Tim Makower: 'Intensity is my greatest treasure'

26 September 2013

The founder of Makower Architects on Le Corbusier, Alvaro Siza and wearing shorts on a Saturday morning

John Robertson

John Robertson ‘My family should be more critical’

18 September 2013

John Robertson Architects’ director on Richard Meier, New York and the Arcelor Mittal Orbit

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