Thursday24 April 2014

Are you a budding critic trapped inside an architect's body?

If the answer is yes, or you simply want to have a go writing a pithy, honest review, why not join BD's Book Club.

How does it work?

All you have to do is choose the book you'd like to review from our monthly selection. For a chance to receive a free review copy, email elizabeth.hopkirk@ubm.com saying which book you'd like to review. We will pick one reader per book.

Lost Victorian Britain by Gavin Stamp

Book Club review: Lost Victorian Britain by Gavin Stamp

23 April 2014

Gavin Stamp has produced a ghostly catalogue of loss, says Tamsin Green

Good Cities, Better Lives by Peter Hall

Book Club review: Good Cities, Better Lives by Peter Hall

7 April 2014

Peter Hall looks to Europe in order to address the critical state of urbanism in Britain, says Lionel Eid

A-Typical Plan

Book club review: A-Typical Plan: Projects and Essays on Identity, Flexibility and Atmosphere in the Office

2 April 2014

Kuo makes a bold attempt to address how architecture can influence the nature of work today, says David Rushe

Drawing by Peter Cook

Book club review: Drawing — The Motive Force of Architecture

31 March 2014

Peter Cook’s enthusiasm for imagined realities and unbuilt schemes is irresistible, says Conor McKenna

Architecture Post Mortem

Book club review: Architecture Post Mortem

28 March 2014

This collection of essays tracks the interaction of architecture’s literal and metaphorical deaths, says Jon Astbury

Old buildings, New Forms: New directions in architectural transformations by Francoise Astorg Bollack

Book Club review: Old Buildings, New Forms

24 March 2014

Bollack’s book is a timely, critical overview of new insertions to existing buildings, says Alice Haugh

Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China

Book Club review: You Can’t Change China, China Changes You

18 March 2014

Zac Carey reviews architect John van de Water’s Beijing odyssey

No Matter

Book Club review: No Matter: Theories and Practices of the Ephemeral in Architecture

17 March 2014

Karandinou’s book asks us to question the limits of architecture in order to embark on a more multi-sensory experience, says Daniel Stilwell

Concretopia book cover

New titles to review in April's architecture book club

27 March 2014

Join BD’s Book Club for a chance to review one of five new titles, covering topics from Alfred Hitchcock’s domestic architecture to the first English language translation of a seminal text by Lina Bo Bardi

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