Saturday22 October 2016

Are you a budding critic trapped inside an architect's body?

If the answer is yes, or you simply want to have a go writing a pithy, honest review, why not join BD's Book Club.

How does it work?

All you have to do is choose the book you'd like to review from our monthly selection. For a chance to receive a free review copy, email elizabeth.hopkirk@ubm.com saying which book you'd like to review. We will pick one reader per book.

Herman Hertzberger

Why can’t architects write in a language normal people can understand?

22 August 2016

A good book on a great architect is let down by its impenetrable prose, laments Balazs Endrodi

How to read Glancey book cover

New titles to review in BD's summer architecture book club Subscription Required

15 August 2016

Join BD’s Book Club for a chance to review one of 10 new titles

Form Heft Material - Adjaye book cover

Book Club review: Form Heft Material

15 August 2016

The literal and figurative journeys that have brought David Adjaye to the eve of the opening of his Smithsonian are traced in this thematic collection

Architectural Agents book cover

Book Club review: Architectural Agents

1 August 2016

Can buildings kill, maim and trigger addiction? And if so could they also be designed to have a positive effect on users?

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