Thursday17 April 2014

Are you a budding critic trapped inside an architect's body?

If the answer is yes, or you simply want to have a go writing a pithy, honest review, why not join BD's Book Club.

How does it work?

All you have to do is choose the book you'd like to review from our monthly selection. For a chance to receive a free review copy, email elizabeth.hopkirk@ubm.com saying which book you'd like to review. We will pick one reader per book.

Good Cities, Better Lives by Peter Hall

Book Club review: Good Cities, Better Lives by Peter Hall

7 April 2014

Peter Hall looks to Europe in order to address the critical state of urbanism in Britain, says Lionel Eid

A-Typical Plan

Book club review: A-Typical Plan: Projects and Essays on Identity, Flexibility and Atmosphere in the Office

2 April 2014

Kuo makes a bold attempt to address how architecture can influence the nature of work today, says David Rushe

Drawing by Peter Cook

Book club review: Drawing — The Motive Force of Architecture

31 March 2014

Peter Cook’s enthusiasm for imagined realities and unbuilt schemes is irresistible, says Conor McKenna

Architecture Post Mortem

Book club review: Architecture Post Mortem

28 March 2014

This collection of essays tracks the interaction of architecture’s literal and metaphorical deaths, says Jon Astbury

Old buildings, New Forms: New directions in architectural transformations by Francoise Astorg Bollack

Book Club review: Old Buildings, New Forms

24 March 2014

Bollack’s book is a timely, critical overview of new insertions to existing buildings, says Alice Haugh

Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China

Book Club review: You Can’t Change China, China Changes You

18 March 2014

Zac Carey reviews architect John van de Water’s Beijing odyssey

No Matter

Book Club review: No Matter: Theories and Practices of the Ephemeral in Architecture

17 March 2014

Karandinou’s book asks us to question the limits of architecture in order to embark on a more multi-sensory experience, says Daniel Stilwell

The Life of the British Home: An Architectural History

Book Club review: The Life of the British Home: An Architectural History by Edward Denison and Guang Yu Ren

21 January 2014 | Updated: 21 January 2014

An attempt to chart the development of the British home falls flat

Concretopia book cover

New titles to review in April's architecture book club

27 March 2014

Join BD’s Book Club for a chance to review one of five new titles, covering topics from Alfred Hitchcock’s domestic architecture to the first English language translation of a seminal text by Lina Bo Bardi

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