Monday27 June 2016

Are you a budding critic trapped inside an architect's body?

If the answer is yes, or you simply want to have a go writing a pithy, honest review, why not join BD's Book Club.

How does it work?

All you have to do is choose the book you'd like to review from our monthly selection. For a chance to receive a free review copy, email elizabeth.hopkirk@ubm.com saying which book you'd like to review. We will pick one reader per book.

voysey cover

Book Club review: The Art and Architecture of CFA Voysey

13 June 2016

Nicholas Vaughan Roberts on an architect who could produce a set of scaled plans, sections and elevations in a weekend

Concrete Concept book cover

Book Club review: Concrete Concept

26 May 2016

Simon Carne hopes this book will reach the unconverted, but warns of the perils of fetishising concrete without understanding its pitfalls

deployable structures cover

Book Club review: Deployable Structures

12 May 2016

From Buckminster Fuller to Adam Kalkin, these important and intriguing structures deserve a more heavyweight assessment than this pocket guide can deliver, says Zac Carey

Modernist estates book cover

Book Club review: Modernist Estates

5 May 2016

Balazs Endrodi finds this richly illustrated hardback a pleasure to look at but a little disappointing to read


Book Club review: Soundings from the Estuary

21 April 2016

Paul Lincoln reviews a meditative essay in words and pictures

Chernobyl's stricken reactor will be sealed inside a giant shell

After Chernobyl: Moving a whole town

14 April 2016

Book Club: Balazs Endrodi, who grew up in one of the Soviet Union’s ‘nuclear cities’, reviews a new guide to the nation’s last atomgrad

igloo on moon book cover

Book Club review: An Igloo on the Moon

8 April 2016

This children’s introduction to architecture will delight adults too, says Gem Barton

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