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BIG Courtscraper New York

Communal spaces are essential to a city's resilience. But they are under attack from our consumer and surveillance society

23 January 2017

Mark Pimlott’s latest book on the concept of the public interior is fascinating – and practice-altering, finds Nicholas de Klerk

How to read Glancey book cover

Book Club review: How to Read Towns & Cities

10 January 2017

An appealing idea doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, finds Zac Carey

Studio Craft & Techniques for Architects - book cover

Book Club Review: Studio Craft & Technique for Architects

3 January 2017

Every architect will find this handy guide to practical skills useful, says Matthew Elsinor

Big Saves book cover

Book Club review: Big Saves: Heroic transformations of great landmarks

11 November 2016

Benjamin Fallows thinks this book’s ‘pamphlety’ delivery obscures its important message on conservation

Herman Hertzberger

Why can’t architects write in a language normal people can understand?

22 August 2016

A good book on a great architect is let down by its impenetrable prose, laments Balazs Endrodi

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How to read Glancey book cover

New titles to review in BD's summer architecture book club Subscription Required

15 August 2016

Join BD’s Book Club for a chance to review one of 10 new titles

Form Heft Material - Adjaye book cover

Book Club review: Form Heft Material

15 August 2016

The literal and figurative journeys that have brought David Adjaye to the eve of the opening of his Smithsonian are traced in this thematic collection

Architectural Agents book cover

Book Club review: Architectural Agents

1 August 2016

Can buildings kill, maim and trigger addiction? And if so could they also be designed to have a positive effect on users?

Sydney Opera House

Perfecting a language of architecture that the 99% can understand

19 July 2016

If everyone is an architect, how come language is such a barrier, asks Daniel Elsea

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Isis's destruction at Palmyra in Syria

A distressing history of cultural genocide

7 July 2016

From ‘Bomber’ Harris to Isis, this new documentary, The Destruction of Memory, takes an even-handed approach to its appraisal of vandals, says Richard Gatti

Rally in support of refugees

What does architecture mean in places like Syria and the Calais Jungle?

24 June 2016

Joanna Day is impressed by the Architecture Foundation’s refugee festival

voysey cover

Book Club review: The Art and Architecture of CFA Voysey

13 June 2016

Nicholas Vaughan Roberts on an architect who could produce a set of scaled plans, sections and elevations in a weekend

RA Summer Exhibition 2016 architecture room

Review: RA Summer Exhibition architecture room

9 June 2016

There are moments of richness in this year’s architecture room, but there is also a great deal of mediocrity, finds MJ Wells

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At Home in Britain exhibition at the RIBA

We're in the middle of a housing crisis, but RIBA's saccharine show offers no serious solutions

27 May 2016

The perennially moribund Royal Institute belatedly weighs in on Britain’s acute housing crisis with a let-them-eat-cake exhibition of sickly home sweet homes, says Phil Pawlett Jackson

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Concrete Concept book cover

Book Club review: Concrete Concept

26 May 2016

Simon Carne hopes this book will reach the unconverted, but warns of the perils of fetishising concrete without understanding its pitfalls

Anderton house in Devon designed in 1969 by Peter Aldington

Peter Aldington reminds us that we need slow architecture

19 May 2016

Good architecture takes the kind of time that’s in short supply these days, says Balazs Endrodi

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deployable structures cover

Book Club review: Deployable Structures

12 May 2016

From Buckminster Fuller to Adam Kalkin, these important and intriguing structures deserve a more heavyweight assessment than this pocket guide can deliver, says Zac Carey

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Modernist estates book cover

Book Club review: Modernist Estates

5 May 2016

Balazs Endrodi finds this richly illustrated hardback a pleasure to look at but a little disappointing to read


Book Club review: Soundings from the Estuary

21 April 2016

Paul Lincoln reviews a meditative essay in words and pictures

Chernobyl's stricken reactor will be sealed inside a giant shell

After Chernobyl: Moving a whole town

14 April 2016

Book Club: Balazs Endrodi, who grew up in one of the Soviet Union’s ‘nuclear cities’, reviews a new guide to the nation’s last atomgrad

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