Thursday19 January 2017

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Wanted: skilled communicators to help the architectural profession make itself heard

17 January 2017

Effective communication skills are an essential job requirement for senior roles. The architectural profession has some catching up to do, says Amanda Baillieu

Julia Park, head of research at Levitt Bernstein

The Green Belt: We need to be convinced that the end will justify the means

11 January 2017

With the housing white paper due out imminently and talk of building in the Green Belt Julia Park sets out what new developments need to win over the Nimby’s.

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Leon Krier

It doesn't matter if skyscrapers are designed by world-class architects or hacks – they're destroying our cities

9 January 2017

London’s infrastructure was not designed to handle high rises and approving so many is an act of irresponsibility, says Leon Krier

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Unité d’Habitation

Le Corbusier said colour was as powerful as the plan and section. So why is it so often an afterthought?

5 January 2017

One of the myths of modernism is that it is only concerned with the white cube. Today’s architects would do well to pay more attention to colour, writes Joanna Day

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Hank Dittmar

Garden towns need some garden city thinking to succeed

4 January 2017

Ebenezer Howard’s Garden Cities were carefully planned with strict design codes and infrastructure funded by the uplift in land values. The same principles should be applied to the new garden villages and towns, argues Hank Dittmar

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Ben Flatman

Reforming architectural education for the 21st century is taking an awfully long time

21 December 2016

The RIBA’s education review will offer substantive change but will it go far enough, fast enough, to satisfy the students and their future employers? Ben Flatman investigates

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