Monday24 October 2016


How planners reshaped Victoria Street

20 October 2016

This grand 19th century London boulevard suvived the Blitz only to be the victim of 1950s redevelopment. Now it is being reinvented once again

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Amanda Baillieu - home page index

The demise of Art History A-level reflects a post-Brexit mindset

18 October 2016

It was only a matter of time before the tough ‘stem’ subjects would muscle out the soft study of society’s relationship with art and architecture

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Julia Park, head of housing research at Levitt Bernstein

What the Lords have to say about the housing crisis

13 October 2016

This summer a House of Lords report set out some informed solutions for our dysfunctional housing market - a shame it’s been overshadowed by all the recent politicking

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Rab Bennetts

It feels like the industry has gone backwards since the recession

12 October 2016

Contracts have got tougher, project risk is dumped on the weakest, partnering is out the window and adversarial practices are back

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Eleanor Jolliffe

Are the architecture schools doing enough to tackle mental health problems?

11 October 2016

Last month BD’s student columnist highlighted the pressures faced by architectural students. She talked to the universities to see what they are doing about this and whether it is enough

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Mark Middleton, Grimshaw

Big infrastructure projects must retain design integrity

10 October 2016

It’s in the public interest to appoint chief architects at the very start of projects that affect our country’s future

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