Saturday27 May 2017

Joe Morris

Don't bulldoze what lies beneath

25 May 2017

Joe Morris celebrates Old Street roundabout and warns that careless redevelopment plans could imperil the very things that bring it life

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Good urbanism: Hamburg

It's time to reconcile architects and urbanists

19 May 2017

A false and unhelpful division has arisen between the two disciplines, argues David Rudlin, the new chair of the Academy of Urbanism

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Martyn Evans portrait

I want to make Dartington Hall into a testbed for tackling society's intractable problems

18 May 2017

Martyn Evans explains his big plans for the historic Devon estate, inspired by its pioneering founders and using today’s best architects

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Amanda Baillieu - home page index

Walking in the footsteps of Jane Jacobs

16 May 2017

Data is a useful tool but urban designers mustn’t overlook the importance of human intuition, says Amanda Baillieu

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Park Hill Estate, Sheffield

Gentrification may be brutalism’s best hope

12 May 2017

What’s happening at the Balfron has infuriated many but don’t be too quick to criticise, cautions Owen Hopkins. The alternative for many brutalist gems is oblivion

Ben Flatman

Should architecture be for Anywhere or Somewhere?

11 May 2017

It’s more than 30 years since Kenneth Frampton brought us critical regionalism but in today’s political landscape it’s as relevant as ever, argues Ben Flatman

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