Sunday20 August 2017

Letter to the editor

We're too slow to criticise bim

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As a small practice working on bespoke or tailor-made schemes, most of which involve historic buildings, we have found bim a struggle since we invested in the software five years ago.

The industry is promoting its benefits very successfully and there’s no doubt it has a place, but I can’t help likening the message to the children’s story of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Part of the problem is that no-one having difficulties with bim feels sufficiently experienced to say so. Any hint of being a nay-sayer and you are accused of being a luddite.

We get it. We just haven’t seen it save us any time or money so far. For example, bim cannot yet, as far as I am aware, produce full 2D drawings and details from 3D models at the click of a button.

Bodies such as the RIBA should be more proactive in assessing the products for the industry, and marketing companies need to be more upfront about the limitations of the packages. It doesn’t make what bim can do any less valuable, it’s just not the next messiah quite yet.

Melanie Latham
via bdonline

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