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Is training to be an architect worth it? 29 16 December 2016 1:09 pm
Heritage group takes Westminster bigwig to task over Paddington Cube decision 8 15 December 2016 4:31 pm
Gensler tightens grip on WA100 top spot 2 15 December 2016 2:53 pm
Comyn Ching Triangle listed after high-profile campaign 2 15 December 2016 12:57 pm
Manchester University unveils £150m science building proposals 8 15 December 2016 11:52 am
Exhibition to put competing Mies van der Rohe and Stirling visions for No1 Poultry under spotlight 9 15 December 2016 9:38 am
Eight chosen for Welsh 'glamping' cabins 6 14 December 2016 11:15 pm
Foster's San Francisco towers break ground 2 14 December 2016 2:03 pm
RIBA housing lead rails at 'bonkers' micro-housing rules 15 14 December 2016 12:55 pm
David Chipperfield's Emin house axed ahead of appeal 15 14 December 2016 11:15 am

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