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Sainsbury's Greenwich

Would the loss of Sainsbury’s eco-store be a blow for sustainability?

14 March 2014

The building’s architect Paul Hinkin argues for preservation, but Robert Park says the idea of sustainability is changing

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John McAslan & Partners' Smithfield market plans

Is the McAslan scheme the right one for Smithfield?

10 March 2014

Is an office complex really best for the former market site?

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Rogers YMCA

Are temporary structures an answer to the housing crisis?

27 February 2014

Will homes like Rogers’ Y:Cube help make housing more affordable or should we be exploring the potential in existing buildings?

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Trellick Tower

Do we need national space standards for housing?

21 February 2014

Are space standards crucial to prevent cramped living or another example of unwelcome red tape?

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Herzog & de Meuron's Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University

Will the new planning court stifle debate?

14 February 2014

Are the government’s changes politically motivated or necessary to the planning process?

Vauxhall Tower, London

Has London's density policy failed?

7 February 2014

Duncan Bowie says unsustainable development must stop, while Shelagh Grant says density is the only way to double London’s homes

Royal Albert Hall with Feilden Clegg Bradley's Southbank Centre liner building. CGI by Orlando Hill for Twentieth Century Society

Do the Twentieth Century Society’s Southbank pictures help the debate?

24 January 2014

The images were intended to provoke discussion, says Henrietta Billings, but Ben van Bruggen argues they are just a gimmick

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AA students at Hooke Park

Does the RIBA need more titles for its members?

20 December 2013

Defining the role of the architect is at the centre of the current wrangling about title

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Is the pressure to keep fees low forcing architects to stretch their budgets too far?

Should architects raise their fees?

6 December 2013

If the recession really is over, maybe it’s time to end the culture of underbidding


Is the regeneration of neglected sites always a good thing?

22 November 2013

When smartening up the future clashes with protecting the past

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London's Mount Pleasant site is being redeveloped by Royal Mail Group.

Are planning departments failing to deliver for London?

31 January 2014

Roger Zogolovitch says hooray for Boris Johnson, but Edward Clarke points to local authorities’ balancing of different stakeholders’ needs

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TNG Youth & Community Centre by RCKa

Are clients changing their attitudes to small firms?

17 January 2014

Yes says Russell Curtis from RCKa Architects, 2014 will be a year of opportunity, while Hari Philips from Bell Philips argues that there is still a paucity of projects

Archigram’s 1972 vision “has much in common with our plans”, says Jude Kelly.

Has the revised Southbank scheme addressed its critics?

13 December 2013

Feilden Clegg Bradley’s new plans for the London arts complex: putting things right, or merely tweaking?

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New dawn for UK architecture and construction

Is the recession over for architects?

29 November 2013

Is it a new dawn for UK architecture?

Heatherwick and Arup's Garden Bridge

Does central London need a new footbridge?

15 November 2013

Thomas Heatherwick’s proposed “garden bridge” is appealing, but is it worth building?

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