Friday28 November 2014


Tower blocks in Ulan Bator, Mongolia

What happens when you put nomads in tower blocks?

In her second dispatch from Mongolia, Tanja Smith from Gradon Architecture explores the challenges faced by a developing nation when two cultures collide


Is there a BIM architecture?

Ike Ijeh investigates whether the rise of BIM software is beginning to have an impact on the way our buildings look

Bishopsgate towers

Tall storeys: the battle for Bishopsgate

Plans for the redevelopment of Bishopsgate Goodsyard have already provoked a storm of protest. Ike Ijeh has a look at why

Computer cables iStock

Rise of the machines Video

Technology is elbowing out human inefficiency in architecture, says Amanda Baillieu

Stirling coverage on BBC News

Actually, Stirling had a vintage year

The RIBA’s director of outreach counters the charge that nobody noticed UK architecture’s biggest prize this year

The Tram Depot

Whatever happened to planning in London?

On the fourth anniversary of the Localism Act, planning has never felt less local, argues Amanda Baillieu

BD student columnist Eleanor Jolliffe

Public apathy in the Stirling Prize is a critical issue for architecture

Biggest night in the architectural calendar? Unfortunately, writes BD’s student columnist, the public barely noticed

The Zellig phase transformed the interior of Devonshire House.

Pink zones to lighten planning red tape

Relaxing planning rules would help create a new generation of George Fergusons and Bennie Grays, argues Hank Dittmar

Scott Brownrigg’s interior design for Thomson Reuters.

Designing better workplaces

Well-designed offices get colleagues talking. Just ask the tech firms, says Amanda Baillieu

Gillian Darley

Fight for our rights of way

Redevelopment can mean cherished routes are cut off once work is finished. Gillian Darley bemoans a worrying trend

Royal Academy

Material evidence

The first of the Royal Academy’s Meaning in Materials series took the audience from specification guides to the moon and back, writes Joanna Day

Bartlett Unit 21 project on Scene & Heard - by Jamie Lilley

Raising the curtain on creativity

Miya Ushida explains why a mentoring charity in King’s Cross is the perfect partner for the Kathryn Findlay Future Fund, set up in her mother’s memory

BD student columnist Eleanor Jolliffe

So, why do you want to be an architect?

A generation gap separates first-year architecture students from part IIs, finds BD’s student columnist

Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, by Haworth Tompkins

Stirling Prize: A new age of civic building?

The endearing normality of Haworth Tompkins’ victorious Everyman Theatre embodies a renewed civic spirit

RIBA headquarters, 66 Portland Place

Get your own house in order first, RIBA

RIBA needs to clean up its act on competitions before it tells others how to do it, says Amanda Baillieu

Hank Dittmar

Narrow views lead us down a cul-de-sac

The sort of housing people want has changed enormously and house builders need to take note, says BD columnist Hank Dittmar

Gillian Darley

Venturing east of the border

Gillian Darley visits one of the least-known parts of the kingdom, 20 miles from the M25

John Deasy

It's time the Stirling Prize celebrated function as well as form

It’s madness to honour a building that looks great but performs badly, argues engineer John Deasy

BD student columnist Eleanor Jolliffe

The provincial towns we jog round

The Scottish referendum shows that we must stop our London obsession, argues BD’s student columnist

Jack Pringle

Scotland's Aladdin

Alex Salmond and the yes campaign lost their battle for an independent Scotland - but by letting the genie of devolved powers out of the bottle, they did us all a favour, says former RIBA president Jack Pringle

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