Monday20 October 2014


Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, by Haworth Tompkins

Stirling Prize: A new age of civic building?

The endearing normality of Haworth Tompkins’ victorious Everyman Theatre embodies a renewed civic spirit

BD student columnist Eleanor Jolliffe

So, why do you want to be an architect?

A generation gap separates first-year architecture students from part IIs, finds BD’s student columnist

RIBA headquarters, 66 Portland Place

Get your own house in order first, RIBA

RIBA needs to clean up its act on competitions before it tells others how to do it, says Amanda Baillieu

Hank Dittmar

Narrow views lead us down a cul-de-sac

The sort of housing people want has changed enormously and house builders need to take note, says BD columnist Hank Dittmar

Gillian Darley

Venturing east of the border

Gillian Darley visits one of the least-known parts of the kingdom, 20 miles from the M25

John Deasy

It's time the Stirling Prize celebrated function as well as form

It’s madness to honour a building that looks great but performs badly, argues engineer John Deasy

BD student columnist Eleanor Jolliffe

The provincial towns we jog round

The Scottish referendum shows that we must stop our London obsession, argues BD’s student columnist

Jack Pringle

Scotland's Aladdin

Alex Salmond and the yes campaign lost their battle for an independent Scotland - but by letting the genie of devolved powers out of the bottle, they did us all a favour, says former RIBA president Jack Pringle

Wikihouse 4.0

Give us the land and we'll solve the housing crisis ourselves

There’s never been a better time to tell politicians what we want, writes Elizabeth Hopkirk


Worries over towers miss the point

Super-dense schemes can work in London as long as they reinforce street spaces, says Ben Derbyshire

The disused Folkestone Harbour railway station remains a testimony to the countless travellers who have passed through the town

Point of departure

People once flocked to Folkestone. Amanda Baillieu wonders whether an empty, windswept site holds the key to turning the end-of-the-line town in Kent back into a destination.

Kate Fletcher of Arup Associates: BD BIM Taskforce

Is laser scanning a utopian solution for surveying buildings?

Drawings of existing buildings are often out of date, which is where laser scanning comes in

BD student columnist Eleanor Jolliffe

Housing the UK is an opportunity not a crisis

We have enough homes but they’re owned by the wrong people, argues BD’s student columnist

Hank Dittmar

Finally, some smart thinking about Garden Cities

BD columnist Hank Dittmar lauds Urbed’s prize-winning plans and urges politcians to do likewise

Gillian Darley

Every picture tells a (tall) story

BD columnist Gillian Darley on the sleights of hand CGIs create

Glasgow School of Art

What did Scotland do for architecture?

Scotland’s architectural pedigree goes back well before the 1707 Act of Union, and whatever the result of the referendum, its architects will continue to transform the built environment well beyond the bonnie braes of their homeland, says Ike Ijeh

CGI of Frank Gehry's Arles project

Arles' towering folly

The ancient French town has no need for Frank Gehry’s flashy intervention, argues BD’s editor-at-large Amanda Baillieu

Kate Fletcher of Arup Associates: BD BIM Taskforce

Sticking to the BIM specifics

Trying to keep it simple is the best way, says Kate Fletcher

Eleanor Jolliffe, BD's student columnist

Shaking hands with the devil

Should architectural ambition ever yield to other considerations, asks BD’s student columnist

Russell Curtis

Don't mistake the means for the end

BIM is useful but don’t let the software dictate the design, says Russell Curtis

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