Tuesday22 August 2017

Callum Gill

Callum Gill

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  • Comment on: Strata tower wins 2010 Carbuncle Cup

    Callum Gill's comment | 12 August 2010 1:58 pm

    What a load of drivel. This development was badly needed in elephant and castle. Anyone who doesn’t agree probably hasn't taken the time to actually visit the area (which is treated so patronisingly in this article it beggars belief). The tower is not an eyesore. It is a beacon of what could be for the area; regeneration and a brighter future for a part of London dominated by housing estates and gray concrete monstrosities. Should we be building more of these? Or of course we could use the reams of free space you must believe exists somewhere in the area to avoid building upward? Short sighted, ill-informed and pretty offensive to E&C residents

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