Wednesday29 March 2017

contracts cartoon

Is it ever worth calling in the lawyers? (by a lawyer)

9 November 2015

David Chipperfield is the latest high-profile architect to take a client to court, but every architect will face that dilemma at some point in their career. Lawyer Laurence Cobb urges caution

careers feature

Going from over here to over there

11 September 2014

Global construction is set to boom over the next decade, so where are UK construction consultants most in demand?

Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.

Asbestos court case ends in victory for ex-RMJM partners

9 May 2014

Elderly architects absolved of any responsibility as case settled out of court

Royal Courts of Justice

Fast-track planning court opens

4 April 2014

Appeals and judicial reviews to be heard by specialist judges


Can your architecture practice weather a media storm?

17 March 2014

The best practices survive and thrive

Office chatter

Introverts should be something to shout about

5 February 2014

How to harness the power of the quiet man — and woman — in your practice

What are the right ways to motivate your team?

Keep your staff happy and motivated... or face losing them

27 August 2013

From pay and perks to maintaining the right office atmosphere, maintaining staff morale is a complex business


New pension rule will puncture profits

25 June 2013

Advice on coping with the government’s pension plans

Don’t be afraid to talk money.

Architects must be more upfront about their fees

12 June 2013

Talking money will help clients realise how cost-effective an architect can be


Time to start running your practice in Real Time

16 April 2013

Advice on coping with HMRC’s new payroll system

Going it alone.

Tips for setting up a new practice

2 April 2013

Our money expert discusses different business structures

Matthew Turner

Dear Matthew: Our succession plan has quit

30 December 2014

BD’s career doctor advises a practice that failed to keep a trusted lieutenant motivated

Matthew Turner

Dear Matthew: I can't get a job because UK bosses discriminate against foreigners

18 December 2014

BD’s career doctor advises an Italian architect who is struggling to find work in London

Get a positive message out there

How to hire the best architects in a ‘candidate’s market’

17 February 2014

Tap the power of the grapevine to boost your practice’s reputation

Kanye West

Where are the architects with 10 million followers? Video

11 December 2013

Architecture needs more mainstream champions like rapper Kanye West

Office closed, sign

Who’d trust an architect with a badly designed office?

21 November 2013

Your office is your calling card– so what does it say to your clients?

Gort Scott's office building for Jesus College, Cambridge

How to get your projects published: a crash guide for architects

12 November 2013

BD’s insider guide to getting your project into print

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