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Bim enables the design team to work together to model every detail of a building. This model of KPF’s Pinnacle building in London was created using Tekla’s bim software.

Government not doing enough to enforce BIM, survey finds

NBS findings reveal last year’s target not being met

Hawkins Brown office

Survey flags increasing specification difficulties

Research shows 94% of professionals struggle with producing or using building specifications

The LASIMM project

Fosters: ‘Entire buildings will be 3D-printed in the future’

Practice unpacks work on cutting-edge fabrication and predicts liberation from “standardised components” for architects

Think bim

Smaller firms lagging behind on BIM, says BD survey

Costs and staffing issues named as reasons for slow take-up


What do you really think about BIM?

BD wants your help in getting behind the BIM hype with this online reader survey