Beware when using public Wi-Fi.

Wireless doesn’t mean no-strings

11 March 2014

If you’re using public Wi-Fi — or setting up your own — be aware of the risks involved

A good filing system gets most architects excited.

Just a few clicks to flexible filing

3 February 2014

A cloud-based product could be just the thing you’re after to build your database

Don’t gamble when changing your team’s computer software.

Play the right card with cad

9 October 2013

Before upgrading your design software, know exactly what you want to achieve

Clouding the issue of email storage

Clouding the issue of email storage

3 July 2013

Can a practice combine the security of using its own mail server with the perks of a cloud-based service?

Computer cables iStock

Keep on running — even when your system isn’t

1 May 2013

Make sure you won’t lose critical data or internet connectivity in the event of an IT disaster

Fraudsters clone architects’ websites

Fraudsters clone architects’ websites

30 October 2012

Impersonators pose as UK architects to engage lawyers’ services in the US

Devices, tablets, byod, technology

The dangers of leaving architects to their own (tech) devices

28 October 2013

Allowing staff to use their own laptops, tablets and smartphones for work needs careful management


Relationship problems? Try some CRM software

30 July 2013

New cloud-based solutions can help architects keep track of their communications with current and future clients

Google Chromebook

Chromebooks show it can be good to have your head in the clouds

4 June 2013

Google’s foray into the PC market is a laptop — but not as we know it


Helpdesk: Cut software costs with pay as you go

8 April 2013

Cloud software is making it easier for architects to be more flexible

istock smartphone

It’s time for phones to get even smarter

4 September 2012

Next generation of mobiles will help practices keep up to speed