Wednesday04 May 2016


Book Club review: Soundings from the Estuary

21 April 2016

Paul Lincoln reviews a meditative essay in words and pictures

Chernobyl's stricken reactor will be sealed inside a giant shell

After Chernobyl: Moving a whole town

14 April 2016

Book Club: Balazs Endrodi, who grew up in one of the Soviet Union’s ‘nuclear cities’, reviews a new guide to the nation’s last atomgrad

igloo on moon book cover

Book Club review: An Igloo on the Moon

8 April 2016

This children’s introduction to architecture will delight adults too, says Gem Barton

Hinterland by NVA at St Peter's Seminary, Cardross

High Rise and Hinterland: Modernism's morality plays

24 March 2016

JG Ballard’s brutalising tower and Gillespie Kidd & Coia’s abandoned seminary were both designed to usher in a better world. Elizabeth Hopkirk asks what went wrong

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Review: Who are you calling a maverick?

23 March 2016

Simon Carne takes issue with a slippery definition but admits Owen Hopkins’ new book and exhibition at the Royal Academy kick-start a great debate on the nature of architectural radicalism


Book Club Review: 100 Contemporary Concrete Buildings

14 March 2016

Simon Carne is left underwhelmed by this slab-like book-as-building-material

Model of a community centre in Japan by Toyo Ito, Kumiko Inui, Sou Fujimoto and Akihisa Hirata

Review: Creation from Catastrophe

5 February 2016

What architecture ‘really is’ is at stake in a new exhibition at the RIBA comparing historic disaster responses with a new movement of community-led rebuilding approaches. Phil Pawlett Jackson questions the dichotomy

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Top 50 Films for Architects

The Passion of Joan of Arc

Top 50 films for architects: The Passion of Joan of Arc

17 February 2014

This silent classic may be an ordeal to watch, but it is beautiful in its obsessive concentration

'La Promesse' Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne

50 films for Architects: La Promesse Video

16 October 2013

Hard-hitting film set in a dreary nowhere city is a tale of cruelty and redemption


Top 50 films for architects: Brazil Video

23 September 2013

This exuberant dystopian fantasy is a tale of universal submissiveness

Still Life

Top 50 films for architects: Still Life (aka Good People of the Three Gorges) Video

17 July 2013

A risk-taking exploration of a labyrinth of demolitions and life at close quarters

Andrew Waugh

Andrew Waugh: 'These are exciting important times for London'

19 March 2014

Andrew Waugh on the capital, Milton Keynes and English parish churches

Lee Polisano of PLP Architecture

Lee Polisano: ‘I’m a frustrated Formula 1 driver’

13 March 2014

PLP Architecture’s president on working relationships, regrets and Gerald Ronson

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